Comprehensive Green Infrastructure

Comprehensive_Green_Infrastructure_Projects.pngDoing our part to save “America’s most polluted lake.”

Onondaga County's groundbreaking "Save the Rain" Program, winner of the coveted U.S. Water Prize in 2013, is a combined sewer overflow (CSO) abatement and water quality program focused on balancing the use of conventional wastewater/stormwater treatment technologies, with advanced, innovative green infrastructure best management practices.

During wet weather events, storm-water flows into the local sewer system, causing heavy flow periods that can overload the system. During times of overload, the system is designed to release combined sanitary flow and storm-water into local waterways (Harbor Brook, Onondaga Creek).

This event is known as a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO). CSOs significantly reduce water quality in local tributary water bodies including Onondaga Lake. Onondaga Commons is located in the Midland Sewer district in the City of Syracuse.

Representing the largest concentration of impervious parking and roof surfaces in the area, Onondaga Commons is also one of the largest contributors of rainwater runoff into the Syracuse combined sewer system. Working in partnership with the Onondaga County Green Infrastructure Fund, we've secured over a million dollars for the overall effort, which consists of 7 individual components, each with committed grant funding from the County.

In total, the new installations spread across the 6 acre Onondaga Commons campus will manage roughly 10 million gallons annually in rainwater runoff that would otherwise overload the local sewer system which results in raw sewage overflowing into our Community's local water systems