Location is Everything:

Our central location within walking distance of Centro's transit center, quick access to major streets and interstates, downtown, hospitals, Syracuse University, OCC, LeMoyne College and abundant vehicle parking makes Onondaga Commons a highly desirable location. The location also lends itself to the efficient deployment of goods and services alike and contiguous surface parking saves time for employees, clients, customers and volunteers from the seemingly endless hunt for convenient parking. In addition, Onondaga Commons is also located in the innovative SALT District of the City╩╝s Near Westside. This community -- once the 9th poorest in the United States -- is in the midst of a transformation under the leadership of our colleagues at Syracuse University in an effort to create a replicable model for innovative urban revitalization. These efforts have leveraged over $70 million in new capital investment to create a highly livable, walkable, adaptable, and sustainable urban community within which significant activities will thrive. These activities build on past successes and expand the positive alliances and partnerships that will assist any business or organization meet their goals and achieve their mission. It is this mutually beneficial community relationship, and the open exchange of ideas, that offers opportunities at Onondaga Commons beyond those found in any other traditional location.

Customizable Space:

At Onondaga Commons, 60,000 sq. ft. of space can be customized to the unique needs of each of our valued tenants and collaborators. Many of the existing spaces are built out and may be suitable for reuse with minor modifications, saving thousands of dollars for our prospective tenants. By working with our site designers, tenants can customize their space so that it suits their mission and specific goals. We also allow tenants to customize the aesthetics of each of the spaces through paint, interior design, flooring, lighting fixtures and more.